Saturday, 19 March 2011

Aftermath: A Bird's Eye View

To give everyone an idea of the level of destruction the earthquake and tsunami had on the city of Sendai and the surrounding region, here are some 'before and after' satellite images published on ABC news. Just scroll your mouse from the left of an image to the right to see the scene change before your eyes:

Japan Earthquake: Before and After
Terrible, isn't it? :(

Also, if you are a freelance editor, or you know of one who could be interested in contributing a bit of time to help sort through submissions, do let us know!


  1. I have waded down the flooded New Orleans streets after Katrina, waded down my own city's flooded streets after Rita and Ike. I saw streets, homes, buildings that I remembered from the past destroyed.

    Those devastated in Japan know that feeling multipled a thousand-fold. The Japanese tragedy is so widespread and deep that the world must do what it can before lives that were spared are lost out of Japan's inability to help itself.

    Thank you for doing this, J.C. Roland

  2. Those before and after shots really do bring it home. So much destruction!

  3. As Roland said, thank you for doing this.

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