Monday, 13 June 2011

Meet the Authors: J. R. McRae

Today's featured author is...

J.R. McRae

Brief Bio:

J.R. McRae has been published in anthologies, journals, magazines and newspapers. She has won awards, and illustrates some of her own material. Publications carrying her work include Antipodes (NY), Gandalf's Garden (UK), Quadrant, Divan, Ripples (for which she has done 3 covers), Small Packages, Speed Poets, Social Alternatives, Static Poetry I, II & III, Recent Queensland Poetry, Square Poets, Wired Ruby, the Mozzie, NZ Micropress, the Courier Mail, Seriously Fishy, Gathering Force and more. Her new venture, short stories, has resulted in her first four being published already this year in Rose & Thorn, Wired Ruby, Basics of Life (anthology, Australian Literature Review), and 100 Stories for Queensland (anthology). Her short story, A View of Fujiyama, will be published in the Stories for Sendai anthology.

As J.R. Poulter, she has published 11 books for education and children, including Crichton Award winner Mending Lucille, with two more coming end of 2011 and 2012.

You can find J.R. McRae on her website here. She also blogs about poetry, story writing, illustration and photography here. For her alter ego, J.R. Poulter, find her website here, and her blog on children's and educational writing here. J.R. also Tweets and maintains a profile on Facebook.

What genres do you write?
I write poetry and short stories under J.R. McRae and children's/education books under J.R. Poulter. I have 12 books so far, including junior novels, a series on poetry in the classroom, and CBCA Crichton Award winning picture book, Mending Lucille.

What are you currently writing? Sum it up in 10 words or less.
Poetry, novel, picture books, short stories; latest project peek: 

What do you do when you're not writing?
Play--with words, my family, pets, paint, camera and walk!

What is your ultimate goal as a writer?
To bring both tears and laughter to my readers! To bring entertaining, thought provoking, multi-lingual prose and poetry to a diverse audience of all ages. I say 'audience' because digital publishing is also audio-friendly, a whole new other option/additional option for authors today.

How close are you to achieving this goal?
It is an ever expanding continuum, a lifelong journey of reaching and then setting new goals! :)

What is the single most important piece of advice you can give a fellow writer?
Mentally, join a circus. I did once, literally! Keep alert, keep flexible, watch and note everything!


  1. JR, I loved your answer to the goal question.

  2. I read through all the interviews on this page. I think it's wonderful that you have been able to contact so many writers and get them to take the time to answer your questions. Found you on blog o licious and am following.

  3. Thanks C.N.! :)
    Agree, Sharon, J.C. and Michelle have done a wonderful interview promo series with the authors!


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